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  • It's that unconditional love thang
  • Barney and John Wayner, Eternally united in that special place the Lord has for our faithful friends.

Thank you for visiting!

We love surveying larger Design Topographic and Complex Boundary projects are our favorite.

We now offer aerial Design Topographic Mapping. We have been exploring the viability of this process and would love to see how it can be of value to you and your development projects.

Just email Chuck.wts@earthlink.net to explore if it's a fit for your projects.

The best way to contact us is by email. Please send what information you have like address, owners name, any previous survey's.

We perform a lot of other surveying tasks however, we would love to connect with you and do our best to point you in the most fruitful path for the success of your project.

Join us as we honor our Veterans.

We hold dear and honor our brave men and women of our military.

Remember, Freedom is not Free...

We are Free because  of the Brave.

This song share's a truth we should never forget. I love the experience the Lord gave me and our family and wouldn't trade if for anything. There were many I met along the way who, just like me and my family, also served. Just click on the link below and help me honor the many families. Thank you from a grateful heart who knows.

John Conlee "They Also Serve"

We are always updating our site so swing by often.

God Bless You and Yours and God Bless Texas!




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Walker Texas Surveyors, Firm No 10103800
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Phone (512)259-3361
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